Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prototype microgama.

Today, after a long set of circumstances ended up at my studio today.  I decided enough was enough and started building a kiln shape with local bricks from the brick yards that used to be in my town (the streets under the eiffel tower were once paved with bricks from mt. union).  Some of them are silica brick so I'm not expecting much for the firing due to thermal expansion and spalling.
I do however have a healthy supply of bamboo that I have been dying to test out for kiln arch forms.  Super old school Asian trick.  It is super slick.  Expect more.  Requires heathy supply of good sized bamboo.  Good thing that right here in the mountians of Pennsylvania, on the banks of the blue Juniata river.  I have the most wonderful patch of it fit for a mammoth panda bear.  What luck!
This comes from my phone.  The image is with a flash after it got dark. We shall see how it looks via blog.

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