Sunday, May 16, 2010

no images today just words.

today is the day i was birthed by my mother
the sky was bright and breeze was sweet.
i searched all day for some kind of reason
all i found was more questions and
two brothers to greet.
of celebration there was none,
though gifts there were many in the blue horizon and white clouds in the air.
i hoped questions answered but did not receive them,
though bumble bees encircled my thoughts of despair.
fear not however the evening is coming and i shall have dreams for to bring me to you.
together we can run through the minds of our lovers and all will be found safe and at home.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

end of the semester. more work to be posted. more kilns to be fired.

life at Juniata comes to a halt. the classes are empty now (except for my adult class) and i have been prepping the studio for the summer. i also am about to fire a soda kiln comprised mostly of my latest work involving colored slips and brushwork. I'm scared. the amount of time I've placed in the decoration of these pieces makes firing them all at once a little like beating a dozen eggs with a baseball bat. I'm sure it will be fine but my optimism keeps me down so when things do turn out its like Christmas to a 5 year old. Here's more.