Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daylight is burning.


Hello there. I was taking a lunch break and saw that my internet connection wasn't just 'local'. So I firgured I should write. Busy, busy. Making pots, moving scrap metal; your normal everyday me stuff. The weather is beautiful but very humid and hot for the time of year here in the mountains. Check out youtube. There are some new videos there. Just got into my first juried exhibition since college! Its at the Carbondale Clay Center in Carbondale, Colorado. Pretty cool.

*i feel like i should just post this as my connection may disappear at any moment.


christyculp said...

I consdier the car piece on youtube an homage to the back roads of western pa....except for the lovely Euro car...ever consdier maybe a Datsun pickup or a Ford Pinto? Crazy, but that piece made me very nostalgic for back road summer drives!

drobnock said...

late response but, yeah. its all about places; time and space. where i live there are many cars and houses you can find that are kind-of taken over by nature. plus I grew up around that very intimately.
the car had a long life that took it to some far away places. it ended its life in a gallery at a college. that probably was not planned when it was made.