Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Living.

The beat goes on... the summer in Mount Union has proven to be hot, humid, and without rain. I am volunteering at the Juniata College Ceramics Studio over the summer months and we are preparing to break ground (lay cinder block) for a new smaller downdraft gas kiln. I have been decorating feverishly and am working on a cup design to make a slipcasting mold from. I have been thinking about print a lot lately and have begun some drawings and layouts for print ideas, maybe more on that later. If anyone has any entrepreneurial ideas for money making other than exotic dancing (believe me, there is a market just not with me in it) let me know because I am poo or. Go economy, Go!

At the end of June I returned to Erie Pennsylvania for the Erie Summer Arts Festival for the second year in a row. I set up shop with a colleague of mine from Edinboro University and we made an attempt to peddle our wares to the attendees of said fest. Unfortunately the coordinators of the arts fest cut funding to the advertisements and entertainment so to say the least we didn't fair well. I didn't make gas money to get me back and fourth. Yet, we had a great time with our friends and each other. I plan on being there next year again in hopes that the Erie Summer Fest people get their act together and with my continued support I hope that the festival is able to carry on and improve with age.

The last day of the festival, Sunday, ended just as the year before with a thunderstorm off the lake. Only apparently this time there were tornado cones dropping down over the lake and a few moved inland and one may have touched down, allegedly. During this time Todd and I went swimming in the lake. :) Good times.

I am scheduled to head back up at the end of this month for 'Discover Presque Isle' and I hope the coordinators of that have things tied down a little tighter. It should still be a good time. If you are reading this and are in the Erie area come check it out. July 23, 24, and 25. Come and visit. More miraculous than just reading this and showing up mention my blog and I might give you a discount. Maybe. (what times are tough) :)

I've got many pictures to post and am working on a real website so check back soon for more info, I swear I'll post sooner than later.

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