Monday, January 5, 2009

about me. i began studying ceramics in 2002 during my senior year of highschool (of which i had very little because of the time spent in the studio working on projects and personal work). these classes were taken at the juniata college ceramics studio or "pot shop" under the tutelage of jack troy where i found wood fired ceramics and have since been involved in 13 anagama firings over the past 6 years. it was from him that i learned how to use the wheel to make things. i applied to the university of pittsburgh and then to edinboro university of pennsylvania. i went to edinboro. here i worked with and studied under steven kemenyffy. he opened my mind to accept chaos and to keep working for results, to work through 'the commonality of neo-redundancy', which is his philosophy on the its-all-been-done-before problem. edinboro also has two other professors in the ceramic department that i also took classes from Lee Rexrode and Chuck Johnson. Lee taught me to really self-evaluate my product whether it be functional or otherwise and Chuck sought improvement through focus and repetition. i studied for something like 18 or 21 hours (or more i can't recall exactly but it was a few) of ceramics classes in at edinboro but for a time i felt that my ceramic work was becoming stagnant so after taking my first printmaking course at edinboro my junior year i spent the next two years focused almost entirely on printmaking which opened my mind to a whole new universe of great new processes expressing ideas. what a breath of fresh air the loveland hall print sudios gave me. john lysak and franz spohn are likely two of the most helpful faculty i have worked with during my time in edinboro. at the end of my stay i was fortunate to have the oppourtunity to work on a six panel mural for the technology building on campus in edinboro, effectively making me the first art student attending edinboro to have a piece of work permenently displayed on campus, who would have thought! after graduation i came back to my home town to absorb college and to work on making art. since being home i have begun working towards the idea that i am getting ready for making ceramic objects again. after being in an institutional setting for the last 17 years of my life and just getting used to college i am here to make work, i know that much about me. * *

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