Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It was a purple firing in April, as you can see from the vessel above.  Keep in mind it went in a white pot and came out with the surface you see.  Its all carbon, reduction, wood ash, and heat. I took the unloading photos with my digital camera.  It seemed easier to dump them in a public folder on facebook than to put them all up here.  I know my pictures are spread out on the internet, over a few sites but I hope that way more folks will find them.  Enjoy; they show much of the days efforts... 

also there are more recent developments such as another firing that just occurred.  This took place in Huntingdon, PA at Jack Troy's larger anagama 'Komuri.'  I took photos once or twice during each of my shifts.  I posted them directly to the tumblr. I hop you take some time to check those out as well.  Unloading is tomorrow morning.  I expect to take some pictures but the firing was a bit cool through the middle and back of the kiln where a lot of wares were stacked so I believe there will be a second firing coming up!  Never a dull moment.  Never a dull moment.

more to come.