Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wood fired Ceramics: JC anagama Spring 09

Here are some pieces I got from the last
wood firing at Juniata and one piece that
was soda fired with some washes and stains
(the first bottle). The other two bottles were fired in the front of the kiln and the teapot was in the middle of the stack a few feet away from the side door/stoke area.
I have many more pieces to be documented.
more to come.

These images were all taken within a 3 hour period at high heat. They show our front door, side door/side stoke port, and back stoking area. The people in the photos are myself and one of the other kiln leaders and collegue of mine, Jared Iampetro.

Juniata's Anagama Spring 2009

The photos above are courtesy of Nicole Denny, a student of Juniata College during the firing that took place in April. We started loading on Thursday the 9th and lit the fire at 6pm on Sunday evening/afternoon. While still quite warm we unloaded three days later. The firing went well. We could have maintained a longer soaking pattern once achieving cone 10 but we did not so the front of the kiln got a little rough but the heavy ember masses that were built up provided many jewels scattered on the floor.